Joining events - are some private?

Most of the time when I mouse over an event I get the JOIN? pop-up.   But sometimes I try to click on an event and nothing happens.   If an event is closed, it would be nice if “CLOSED” popped up instead of JOIN if that’s really the case.  Or, maybe I’m experiencing a bug… not sure???

I ran into the same thing this past weekend.  I could join most of the group workouts without any problems, but a few of them on the menu wouldn’t give me the “joined” confirmation.  I reviewed the workout’s description and didn’t see any exclusions for joining.  One particular workout was offered 3 different times throughout the day and I was not able to join any of them.

Hi guys,

None of the vents are private but they may have a limit on number of riders.

Thanks…any graphical indicators that ride is full?   This would be helpful

This past weekend I experienced this problem again - I could not join the group workout titled: ‘Zwift Fondo Wk3 Wo3: Long Medio’ upon logging into Zwift via my PC.  On a hunch, I opened up the Zwift events menu on my iPhone and tried joining the workout that way - success!      

Thanks…and good find!   If I cannot join an event I’ll try your work around via Mobile Link…  sounds like a bug to me…  I hope the Zwift software gurus see this and add to their “to do” list