Joining a race

Hi there. I am trying to join a race. I have used ZC on my iPhone and also tried via the events page in the Game. There is no option to join, do I need to do anything else?

Hi @Rich_Jordan, welcome to the forums.

What device are you using for the game, not the companion app? If you are on a PC the join event button will be on the main home screen, but if you are on an apple tv or device that still has the old menu UI then you need to start a ride and enter one of the available worlds. When you start a ride the join button will be on the lower left side of the screen.

Hope that helps, let us know if you get it figured out.


Is it just a specific race (in which case, which one was it), or all races? Some of them have special secret links (well the WTRL TTTs do) and the usual buttons are greyed out. How about group rides - are they ok?

You need to be in the game before the ‘Join Event’ button will appear. So, once you sign up for an event (the Companion app is the best way to do this), just start a ride (at a reasonable amount of time before your event) and the ‘Join Event’ button should then appear in the lower left corner of the screen at 30 minutes before the event start.

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