joining a group ride

being a bit pc illiterate, i know when a group ride is but how do i actually join into it at the time when i log in to swift???


Hi Mark, 

Not to worry, we’re here to help :),  Every group ride is different and has different rules, you have to check it individually. Click HERE for the unofficial Zwift calendar, find the suitable ride and check all the details. 

We’ve got more features coming soon with the Zwift official group ride functionality which will make it all easier for all users, therefore stay tuned and Ride On! :slight_smile:

So official rides are happening then. Brilliant, about time.

I hope it will NOT be all on Facepalm / book as I do not want to join FB but cannot get group ride info without it.

I am new too. But when joining a ride, there are 3 options button to choose from: A, B, and C.  What do these options mean? Can Zwift screen ride be more intuitive (ie has explanation when selecting ride options?



See this link with some good information.