Joining a friend on 'meet up event'

I have been trying to join my friend for a cycle on a designated course that he sets up as a ‘meet up’ but when i join the meet up at the start time my screen always shows me on a static ‘virtual’ smart trainer at side of the course, so doesn’t allow me to cycle alongside my buddy. He goes off into the distance and i’m left stuck on this virtual smart trainer aghhhhhhh!

I have never been able to resolve this, has anyone seen this before and how to resolve it?

Many thanks in advance

Hi @AM_Nuclear_Phoenix_T

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Do you pedal while waiting for the meetup to start, it sounds like your trainer is going to sleep mode.

Can you do other rides?


Yes it works perfectly on normal rides but only happens when i join a friends meet up event. I have tried peddling before joining, not peddling before joining etc. i just dont know why it shows me on a static virtual smart trainer side of the course…

It’s normal to show you on a static virtual trainer at the side of the road while the Meetup countdown is in progress. When the timer gets to zero though, it should disappear so that you are able to ride off.

thanks , unfortunately thats my issue as when the countdown goes to zero and beyond im still on the virtual trainer :frowning:

I don’t have a solution, but rather something to test–what happens if you’re the one who creates a Meetup with your friend?