JOIN - show AVERAGE W/KG rather than current w/kg -

(C oach Karen (PCG)) #1

Having a list of riders and their Average W/kg could help in deciding who to join in and ride with. If you are on a nice easy day you can choose someone who is averaging about what you want to average. If you want a challenging ride - you can join in next to someone who is going at a challenging w/kg!

(Chuck Kozlowski ZSUNR) #2

Better yet, show both stats …

(Tyler Mattas) #3

I was thinking the same thing. We need averages next to people on the leaderboard. Instant is meaningless.

(Andrew Williams) #4

I could not disagree more. Instant is the one thing I am looking at when riding with other people if there is even the slightest hint of competitive spark.

(Arunas Bendoraitis) #5

Just add a settings window where we could configure this.

People who need it could just enable to show it and who don’t leave it disabled.

(D W - ltb LMDGD) #6

A flag showing who wants to ride with others would also be nice.