Join Pace Partner anytime

When cycling on a route also being traversed by a 'bot pace partner (which should be ALL routes!), one should have the ability to join the 'bot at any time. I shouldn’t have to quit the game and re-enter (breaking my session in multiple parts!) to re-join a pace partner after being dropped, getting a new towel or bidon or… you get the idea.

You can join the Bots anytime you see them.
Just jump in the Peloton and go.
Remember, when you select a pacer Bot, you are actually selecting a route, ie Tempest Fuego for CoCo and Sand and Sequoias for Brevet.

If you jump in with a Bot, you will have to manually select the proper turns.

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Interesting tidbit: Yesterday, I had a few minutes to kill before joining a group ride that I’d previously committed on the Companion App. So, I joined with a Pace Partner to wake up the pistons a bit before jumping into the start pens of the group ride. Usually, these warm-up rides get auto-posted to “connected” apps, such as Strava and Training Peaks once I elect to “join group”. However, in this instance, the distance I traversed with the Pacer 'bot was added to my group ride (at the end), resulting in only one upload to the partner apps. I ended the group ride at exactly 50km, but my finishing distances in the group ride actually was shown as 50km PLUS the distance I traversed with the pacer 'bot. I actually like this “feature”, but I should think that it should be documented or configurable/selectable (ie, include warm-up ride in stats YES/NO).