Join Event missing since new update

Problem solved.
Thank you all for your help.
Part of the so called problem is that Zwift is sometimes counter intuitive and I had difficulty figure it out.
Anyway it’s a lot of fun…now. :wink:
And by the way, yes I have a ratio display problem I have to take care of.


Great you hear you were able to sort the issue! And, yes, there are a number of non-intuitive things about Zwift. I had similar issues to you when I first started. Very frustrating. Thankfully, I was able to get a lot of answers from other users on the Forum. Still, it would be nice if Zwift could make things easier when first starting out.

I am experiencing this identical thing. No Join Event button and it never automatically takes into event. There is literally no way to Join an event. Very frustrating

What is your set up for Zwift? And are you on the new or old UI? And how/when are you signing up for events?

HI Rob,
The probem is that Zwift screens are not presented logically. You are experiencing the same problem I had until I realized you have to click (select) Ride at the bottom of the screen and then, in the other (next) screen, on the lower left corner, you will see Joint Event or something like that.
Thos is very counter intuitive.
Bonne chance !
Ride on.

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Hi Jean-Marc,
I’ve actually done that twice now and never get the blue Join button. I’ve followed these directions. I’m shocked by how counter-intuitive this app is so far (I work with designers in a UX capacity). For newbies like myself, you’d think there would be a walkthrough. However, I believe I’m having different issues as I can take screenshots from me being in a Ride after signing up for an event and nothing every happens.
I’m hoping it’s not something with my Google Mesh router not allowing certain ports.
Thanks for taking the time to respond!

Mesh networks are noted in a number of places as not working well with Zwift. Do you also find that you are often alone in the world where you are riding, by chance? Or that the Companion app doesn’t always connect to the game when you are riding?

Also, please tell us about your set up. Is it possible that some scaling issue is just putting the Join Event button of the bottom of the screen?


I’m currently running it on an Apple TV 4K, and my Companion app on an iPhone, using a Wahoo Kickr. I had initially tried to use my Apple Watch for a HR but it would show as connected but unpaired and was very frustrating. I have to turn it off now in order to use my Tickr instead or it just automatically connects but never works. When I ride in Watopia or New York (the only two I’ve done so far) there are other riders and runners there. I’ve never been alone yet. I just cannot join any events. I’ve scheduled them both on companion app and on Apple TV home screen (from events listed on the right). Our network is Google Fiber and we use the mesh routers that they provided. Have no issues with any other apps or hardware at all on this network. Thanks for your assistance!

Out of curiosity, WHEN are you joining the events? I have noted that when joining events AFTER getting into the game (whether on the ATV homescreen or in the Companion app) I do not get the Join Event button. But if I sign up before starting Zwift I always get the Join Event button.

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Hi Rob,
I understand your frustration.oh yes I understand and it’s worst if, like me, you are familiar with UX and app building.
I don’t know your set up so it’s hard for me to figure out what’s the problem.
I connect to Zwift via Apple TV and it works fine and I use Zwift Companion (on my phone) when riding.
Do not quit…yet. I’m sure someone will come up with a good advice, a solution.

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I signed up for one on the companion app an hour before and got on the bike and started warming up about 15 minutes before the race. There was a countdown on the right side of the screen but nothing ever happened. I read a couple of how-to articles (which honestly you shouldn’t have to do–it was my first event and there should have been a walk-through). Then I got back on the bike, signed up for another race that started in 15 minutes, entered a random route and just started riding expecting and Join button to appear, but nothing ever did.

Interesting. Would you be able to post any photos of these (or similar) incidents? The Join Event button is in the lower left corner of the screen, so I am now wondering if that is just being cut off by your TV settings (i.e. you’re not seeing the entire Zwift screen). Hard to say without seeing what is going on, but it sounds odd and is not anything I have experienced.

another tip for Apple TV users, always, ALWAYS, force close Zwift when done riding on the ATV. I would try that and restart the app now to see if you get the join button appearing.

Good luck! You’ll figure it out I’m sure!


I’ll grab a few if it happens (or doesn’t happen as it were) next time. Thanks for everyone’s help. Seems like an amazing community and I can’t wait to get through this troubleshooting.

I haven’t done this yet but will right now. Thanks!

Before an event, when you are riding to warm up, at some point you are offered if you wnat to joint the event you registered for or continue riding.
I would suggest for now, I know that’s not what you want but, when connecting with AppleTV, select the connection with Bluetooth and then use your phone.
Also, you have to know that AppleTV only has 3 bluetooth links available.
Keep us posted. Many of us have been through this.

Thank you. It’s really a PITA and I hate that this is a fairly common issue. I’m fairly tech savvy and this just hasn’t been smooth. I’m still at work, but will try at least quitting out of Zwift on Apple TV then booking an event on Companion app, then launching Zwift and see if the option magically appears. I’m hoping it’s not a router issue as some other posts have suggested.

I wanted to give everyone an update. Force quitting Zwift from Apple TV did the trick and the Joint button then appeared. I had my first race this morning due to your help and greatly appreciate it! On another note, I discovered that most Zwifters are serious cyclists haha.

I WIN!!! :laughing:


That’s good news Jordan.
See you in Watopia eventually.
I’m taking a break from biking inside until october.

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