Join Event After Start Fail

Join late for SAS Sunrise ride tonight (Sunday 30th September). Put me in the start pen and stated “finding riders” but then released me out of the pen without allowing me to ride with the group. Logged out and tried to join again but same thing happened. Not the first time this has happened. Really frustrating!

I have uploaded a video of the effect to my twitter account:
It’s not my network/connection/laptop etc. etc. as I had ridden on the TFC Sub 2.5 Ride without a problem in London before logging out to join the SAS ride.

Look forward to hearing from you about this issue, thanks.


Sorry to hear and see that Lewis! I know we responded on Twitter, but in case you did not see it could you send us a support conversation with your log files?

Here’s the link to the support conversation:

And how to find your log files:


Thanks for the message. I had contacted support via email too. Latest update has fixed issue as it worked last night.



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