"Join Another Zwifter" not available on AppleTv - only on Pc and Android

Hi there AppleTv’s Zwift team,

Can you guys please fix this on AppleTv … ?

On the AppleTv4k I only get “my friends” … people who I’ve added, or added me … and if they’re not on the track, this list is empty. Can I get this screen on the AppleTv 4k as well ? Would be nice to join some runner on the track, although they’re not on my friends list inside Zwift. It’s possible to see a list of all the runners on PC and Android, although they are not on your friends list, but on AppleTv, it only shows your friend …

This is PC:

This is Android:

This is AppleTv:

Hey Eiki, I know Lindsay answered this on Facebook but just to place the answer here: The Apple TV was set up only to show friends by design as the list interface gets unwieldy quickly when trying to scroll through 5000 riders. I’ll be moving this to the Feature Request forum, but thank you for the heads up on this as well!