Join a Zwifter to ride with him?

Hi all,
Using Zwift + ZC and finally, I’m looking for a way to join a zwifter I’m following (and included in my favorites)?
Indeed, I receive the notification that a Zwifter has just started to Zwifter, but I can’t find how to join him to ride with him…?
In advance thank you for your support.
Be well!

Hi @Jean-Philippe_Durand, welcome to the forums!

After you pair your trainer and sensors, you arrive at the route selection screen. Under the 3 worlds to choose from is a list of current zwifters in blue. If you are following any of them they will appear on the top of the list. You might need to switch to whatever world they are riding in to see the list change. Once you find them on the list, click on them and you should get an option to ride with them. However, I believe you will need to make manual turns to follow them along on whatever route they are on. Unfortunately Zwift doesn’t put you on the same route for some reason.

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Thanks a lot Mike for your feedback.
While searching, I thought we were obliged to create a meetingup…

Take care.

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