I find when I’m on zwift like today I had no problems on the flat parts of my ride however as soon as I hit a climb I had no chance whatsover of keeping up with a rider on the smart trainer. I was pedaling like a maniac with my knees close to snapping in half but was lucky to hit 10km/h and I was barely climbing the 10k hill on Watopia… Do I need to make adjustments on my wheel pressure and trainer or do I have no chance of improving my hill climbs and toss the Z1 JetBlack trainer in the bin…? Please advise and thanks in advance community 

Hi Brent,

Did you end up finding any answers to your question?

I have the same trainer and am also having issues getting any accuracy. I find that my w/kg seems to be exaggerated at the end of a race and as such I keep getting DQ’d at the end of races. Hard to find anything online as to what the issues may be. I have played around with tyre pressure and roller tension etc also.