Jetblack whisper drive

(Yogesh Shetty) #1

Is Zwift going to support the Jetblack whisper drive in the future,planning to get one. 

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Yogesh,

I don’t see a way to attach speed/cadence sensor to your bicycle while using the Whisperdrive since you remove your back wheel to attach it. Unless it transmits wattage data (such as the LeMond Revolution WITH the Wattbox).

Unless there is an add-on like the Wattbox I don’t see us supporting it without a power meter (though I could be wrong).

(Nick Fer) #3

The speed sensor for whisperdrive to estimate wattage actually just out. You can check it on jetblack website, but I am not sure when it is avalaible to north american customer. I am still waiting reply for their na rep. While I love the trainer, I am not particularly fond of their customer service here in na unless you re in aussie 

(Yogesh Shetty) #4

Thanks for the info Nick.

(Russ 2.1) #5

The Whisper drive now has a speed sensor available so how about adding it to Zwift?

(Paddy Murray) #6

Please add whisper drive to your supported devices with its speed sensor.  Tried software tonight and liked the concept but would really be won over if my jet-black was supported.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #7

Correct, there is a speed sensor but we do not have a virtual power curve for it yet as it requires the app to give you an estimated wattage output.

It is on our list as having a speed sensor makes it easier for us to look at.

(Ian Hodgson RCC) #8


i have a whisper drive and speed sensor but the speed shown look quite high to me any ideas, I just work on zwift as more time in the saddle the better and the herder I try the better it is for me but not a real speed. What trainer should I select in the settings please?

(d mccutchan) #9

Hi, i can get my jetblack whisperdrive ANt+ speed sendor to connect to other software products, but not Zwift. My Ant+ hrm can connect, but not the JB whisperdrive speed sensor.

Can it connect ???


(Ian Hodgson RCC) #10

Hi Doug I set mine to z1 jet black trainer some times if you have a garmin speed sensor and cadence picks up first. Hope this helps I would be interested when you get it working as mine seams to be reading a lot faster speed than it should I think

(d mccutchan) #11

Hi Ian,

For some reason I cannot get Zwift to even connect to the whisperdrive speed sensor. Bkool picks up the sensor ok, so not sure why. Support is trying to assist me with the problem, when I get it sorted ill cross check the Zwift speed against the Bkool speed which seems about right.

(Satoshi Ohira) #12

I can connect the whisper drive speed sensor to PC using Garmin USB-ANT Stick. But whisper drive is not appears in the list of rollers on ZWIFT app.

Whisper drive is still shown in the compatibility list on the web site.

Small image of power curve is found in the JB’s web site as below.


(Ian Hodgson RCC) #13

The way I got round it is to use the jet black z1 I know it not the right trainer but it get me on for some reason my speed always seams high.


(d mccutchan) #14

Hi Ian,


Zwift support tells me that Jetblack does not support Whisperdrive to be used with Zwift. That is a pity as both are good products.

i could buy a Power Meter, they cost more than the JB Whisperdrive did !!!

What sensor are you using ? as JBT-103 Ant+ / BT speed sensor is not supported.

(Marco Lupacchini) #15

Dear Zwift team,

+1 for you guys to progress the virtual power curve for the JetBlack Whisperdrive.

When do you expect to have this integrated with Zwift?

(Enrico De Nora) #16

Dear Eric C.

The whisper drive have its own bluetooth/ant+ sensor that provide speed, teoric power, distance etc… Is there a possibility to use these data in Zwift?

I tried with different apps on iOS and it works fine.

The link to the sensor is this one:

Thank you in advance for your reply

(Cara Wilton) #17

Hi Zwift … any news on support for the whisperdrive?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #18

Hi Cara,

We do not have one in the office in order to create a virtual power curve for it. We’ve contacted JetBlack but have not yet heard from them, though the speed-sensor they have does register on Zwift.

(Bryce Dolman) #19

I have a JetBlack Whisperdrive and speed sensor, and using both the Jetblack app and another training app that supports the whisperdrive I recorded the power curve for all 7 resistance levels (power vs speed). I have emailed this to Zwift support and apparently it has been passed on to the development team, but I’ve heard no response as to whether they can use this data.


(Nicholas Metha) #20

Hi Guys, is there any news on the whisper drive support yet? If not is there some way to still use it accurately with swift??