Jerseys or medals/stars for personal achievements

(James T) #1

This came out of a discussion on the Zwift Riders Facebook group the other day. A lot of people are motivated as much, if not more, by beating themselves rather than by trying to beat others (especially when the segment jerseys are often out of reach for many). It would great if personal bests (be it a PR on a segment, max power/speed, longest ride, most ride-ons in pocket etc) could be recognised in some kind of visual way so that other riders can see that you’re having a “good day” beating yourself. Could be a special jersey or something like a medal/star on your back for the rest of the ride. The achievements awards are great but only you get to see them (if you’re quick). This could also be extra motivation for new riders as they’d pick these “awards” up quite frequently, and after a while they’d become another goal to go after. TrainerRoad has this with its “medals” and I know I’m personally motivated by these when I’m not in training mode - they’re both a target and a recognition that I’ve improved.