Jaybird Mission and Zwift Preferences

Do rides on off-calendar worlds count towards the Jaybird mission? I’ve done two qualifying rides in Richmond (the first was off-calendar), and although the in-game mission status shows Richmond as done, I haven’t received any email from the Team at Zwift confirming that Richmond is complete.

ZwiftInsider kind of says the World Hack works for the Mission: https://zwiftinsider.com/jaybird-ride-the-worlds-mission/


If you’re trying to cross a particular world off your list but it isn’t on the calendar, remember you can always world hack your way in.*

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I completed Richmond last night, on-calendar. It shows up as completed in Zwift but I didn’t get an email for it. I did get emails for both Watopia and New York within minutes of completing them. Perhaps it’s just a Richmond thing.

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Thanks. I’ll just chalk it up to the usual Zwift inconsistencies, then.

Yes, riding 25km in a world using the Zwift hack will count towards the challenge. Just did that for Innsbruck. Turned out to be a looooong ride when Zwift crashed at the summit of the KOM :frowning:

I completed 21 miles in London but it hasn’t registered towards my London total for some reason. The only thing different to other rides that have counted is that I did it on a TT bike.

I don’t think using the TT bike is the issue, I use the TT bike (well the Cervelo P5 now) exclusively and all of my rides towards the the JayBird Mission have registered.

I have completed all five worlds (four on calendar, one by riding an event) and got the final e-mail saying that the whole challenge was complete, yet along the way I only got individual e-mails saying I’d completed New York, Watopia and Richmond - nothing from London or Innsbruck (and the Richmond one arrived AFTER the full completion e-mail did!)

So I think it’s just that sometimes the individual e-mails don’t get sent correctly or get caught up in spam traps or something.