Japan Hill Climb

What happened with this event today? There was no finish line at the top of Volkom for some of us and many show as still on course??

Event zid=2684185

It looks like it’s lagging behind a bit. I would check back in about an hour and see if the results have updated.

Shout up if it’s still a problem.

3 hours later… still on course according to ZP

For additional context, as I crossed the Volkom banner (again, there was no finish line), the distance remaining meter started counting up. I took a screenshot once I realized what was going on.

@JamesBailey it’s 24hrs later and ZP thinks we’re still on course and haven’t finished.

Give me a few and see how spectacularly I can break the event.


I wasn’t able to fix this by clicking all the buttons I’m afraid and this is the second instance of this I’ve seen in a couple of weeks.

Just going to drop you a private message.