It's not a training platform....

(Nigel Brown (6fifteencycle)) #1

Sorry Zwift chaps after wrestling with the bugs -  freewheeling when you’re pedaling, power drops, riding through solid objects etc, (the platform is not stable enough for serious training) I now discover  testing of  the training protocols has been missed. How frustrating is it when you get to the end of an hours worth of ftp protocol e.g:

2018 PRL46 Prep Week 1 Day 1 - Pre-Training Plan

to find no one has seen that the last 15 minute free ride shouldn’t be Zone 6! I don’t know anyone that good! So I get  a fail as a result - and If I’m using a smart trainer and have invested $1000 on IT to use Zwift I need something that has been thoroughly tested. Zwift is fun if you have a focus or motivation problem and can’t get out on the road but I’m going back to Trainer Road

(P MAC) #2

Funny how lots of pros use it as a training platform. If it’s good enough for them…

(Nigel Doyle) #3

Quite a few of us Trainerroad users have the TR app controlling our smart trainer then run Zwift on another device purely as entertainment. We then get the quality training plans and workouts from TR but with a bit less boredom.

Some of the Zwift workouts are a joke with unobtainable power targets.

(Gerrie Delport) #4

Who told you to ride the last block in Z6? It is a free ride block, which mean you select your own zone.

(John Binns) #5

Nigel just checking with your comment ‘Some of the Zwift workouts are a joke with unobtainable power targets’.

I do a lot of workouts, they are based on a percentage of FTP so if you get your FTP correct then they should be obtainable. Of course we all have off days so you can manipulate the FTP down or up a little using Zwift companion. As a rough guide you should be able to sustain the following pace for each zone (see third column):


(taken from


(Nigel Doyle) #6

John - “Jon’s Short Mix” is an example of a workout with unobtainable power targets (for me). e.g. my FTP is 306 and the workout has some 10 second intervals @ 300% FTP / 918 watts. I can’t put out this level of power. It also includes 2 x 1 minute intervals @ 150% / 460 watts which are almost impossible for me unless it’s a one off all or nothing effort. The longer “Jon’s Mix” has similar power targets.

I’m using a power meter. Also got a Hammer smart trainer and both are close to each other in power reporting.

Your chart looks about right from my experience.

(Gerrie Delport) #7

Hi Nigel, 

Jon’s mix is for sprinters so those high watt intervals are tailored for them.

I did some calculations using the power profile from

This is the numbers for my profile. You can see that my 5sec power should be 1670 if I want to be considered a sprinter. Joh’s mix only required me to do 1131w.

Don’t get me wrong I cant reach these targets I am not a sprinter, but I keep training and these sessions force me to go all out and improve my sprinting capabilities. 




(Justin MV (Ride GG)) #8

Nigel, you are mixing feedback of the game itself with the quality of the workouts contained within it. From my perspective, I don’t use Zwift’s built-in workouts at all, so I can’t comment on their quality.

If you can’t hit the anaerobic sprint targets of a workout, why is that the fault of the workout? Being a TrainerRoad user, you should full well know that MANY of their workouts are at least as hard in both TSS and IF. I’ve got a workout coming up this week that is 6x3 minute intervals @ 120%. I’d gladly switch that for only 2x1 @ 150%. 

It’s important to note that despite your FTP number, a lot people have a bias to being either better at steady state aerobic efforts or anaerobic sprint-like efforts. So at a given FTP, you may find sweet spot aerobic workouts fairly easy, but VO2Max and above is extremely difficult. Conversely, some people may find long steady intervals very difficult, but find anaerobic intervals much easier. 

Another thing to keep in mind… structured training is most beneficial when it’s structured. Jumping around to random workouts may not be all that beneficial. Especially when your body is not used to the stress. This is why TrainerRoad builds up training stress and the type of stress slowly throughout the 20+ week training plans.

Your comment about the cost of your trainer and the testing of Zwift is completely irrelevant. Zwift has been THOROUGHLY tested. On any given hour of the day there are usually 2,000-5,000 riders at a time. That’s incredible to me. Personally, I’ve had very little issues with Zwift. Sure a couple of weird things happen sometimes with riders appearing off course or going through objects… but seriously? You think this compromises your quality of training?! 

I use Zwift together with TrainerRoad workouts 4-5 days a week and have logged hundreds of miles so far this winter and have impressively increased my fitness. So yes, I find Zwift to be an excellent training tool. But it’s only a tool. Just like Training Peaks or TrainerRoad. You can build whatever workouts you like for use in Zwift. ZWO Factory is a fantastic (and free) site for building custom workouts, which you can use TrainerRoad, a personal coach, or whatever for…

Ride on! 

(Matt Wheeler) #9

Jon’s short mix is brutal (speaking as a “climber”). You can create your own custom workouts if you prefer.