Issues with Windows 11, likely BLE, back to Windows 10

Hi all,

I am a fresh user equipped with a Kickr v5 and running Zwift on a Huawei Matebook 14 2020 laptop with the Zwift Companion App. I’m using bluetooth connection only and directly to the laptop.

During two weeks running Windows 10 everything was fine and I started the 4wk ftp booster workouts.

But 2 days ago I switched to Windows 11 and noticed several issues:

  • The most critical is that the power setting of the trainer get locked, so the power doesn’t change anymore when it should.

  • Tons of “Ride On”, i.e. I see any new rider or runner receiving a Ride On when entering my field of view.

  • When connecting an external screen while the Zwift is running, if the Zwift windows is minimized it won’t get back to the full screen anymore.

There are lots of network errors in the log such as “sending player state” and “auxiliary controller failed to connect”.

There was a new Windows update yesterday but it didn’t fixed the issue, so I went back to Windows 10 this morning to be able to continue my workouts and everything is running fine again.

Use this thread: Bluetooth devices connect, but No Signal [January 2022] [Windows11] - #4 by Matthew_Durand_SDBC

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