Issues With Recent Update

(Alex Sharp (C26)) #1

Hi Team! On my ride this morning I was doing a workout at a steady 230w and noticed the Bluetooth connection between my mac and KickR kept dropping. I restarted my computer, the app and reconnected. After 17 minutes the bluerooth dropped again and this time ERG mode would not re-engage causing me to end my ride early. Both wahoo KickR, and Zwift are up to date with latest patches. It worked just fine last week.

Is the best practice to hook up through ANT+ and not through the Bluetooth on my Mac?

(Edwin Thaves) #2

I’ve had the same issue with AppleTV and Wahoo Kickr ever since the Zwift app was updated. Zwift frequently drops the connections and/or doesn’t automatically adjust the resistance. I was using Bluetooth without issue before the app update. So it’s not you – it’s Zwift. Hopefully they solve the problem soon and take better care when pushing out future updates. 

(Timo Springfeldt SZR (C)) #3

Same here, suddenly my Kickr 2017 drops BT connection with Zwift on my appletv 4K, i have to pair it again to continue. This has happend after last update. Before that it has been stable. Latest update on Apple Tv, Kickr 2017, ZML.

(MG Giudicissi) #4

Definitely a Zwift issue…halfway thru a group ride yesterday after the update the Kickr refused to adjust for gradient or power…

I updated everything today and the issue is the same. Totally frustrating when you use Zwift because you’re short on time to ride outside…

(J ust Sayin) #5

I am having same issues using Zwift on desktop mac, and connecting Tacx Neo via Zwift Companion app on iPhone. Issues started as soon as the app was updated. Issues occur during workout mode. Either Tack connectivity gets interrupted and have to repair, or compassion app logs me out on the iPhone. Had zero issues before the update.

(G Kerr C) #6

Same issues on my kickr I’ve tested on wahoo and trainer road and no such problems. 2 days I’ve been trying to sort this out. Sadly I might have to go back to trainer road. I’ve emailed and had no response.

(Richie Guy) #7

Same for me since I updated the latest update rides not loading to strava or garmin connect!! Hope they resolve this pretty fast as loading rides up manually is not for me! 2 days now!

(J ust Sayin) #8

Yeah these issues pretty much ruined Zwift in the month of March in workout mode, but it seems to have been fixed in recent updates. I’ll say that even with a 2016 Mack book on new iOS, I rely on companion app on iPhone X to sync tacx now and Apple Watch to Zwift, does not work over Bluetooth or WiFi without. Apple Watch drops often but is easily re synced…

(Joe Crooks) #9

To give this thread more strength. I’m having the same issue with and up to date Neo and Apple TV. No erg mode, no resitance change on hills, no road feel (Neo only feature) and no fun! If this is a Zwift issue please push and update fast otherwise we’re all not getting great value for money.

(Agus Budiman) #10

Same here, connect wahoo kickr to PC with ANT+…signal on and off, and funny feedback on the flywheel resistance…please fix this problem…

(Dave Waterworth) #11

I had something similar today, first ride on the new UCI 2018 course. Felt like every 4-5 revolutions my Neo would drop resistance for a couple of revolutions then resistance would return in a very annoying / repetitive loop. I’m using Apple TV with the iPhone companion app, Garmin Vector 3’s and the Tacx Neo trainer (BTLE).

It also felt a little odd going downhill, seem like too much resistance. At -4% gradient I wasn’t accelerating when I stopped pedaling and at one stage I managed to sprint to 900W downhill which I’ve not been able to do before.

Neo has latest firmware (which I don’t believe has changed recently), and companion app showed the new UCI course so I assume it was up to date.

(Dag Lygre) #12

I’ve seen something similar since the last “Innsbruck” update. Suddenly my gear choice didn’t make any difference. I was at the top of the hill on one of the low gears, so when going downhill I did 80 kmh on low gear. Tried to shift to higher gear but then the cadence went extremely low and resistance extremely high.

The same thing happened again today. Gear choice made no difference, as long as I kept watts steady speed varied according to up and downhill. But today I was already on high gear and I climbed a hill with high cadence on the highest gear. Shouldn’t be possible.

I’ve got a 2017 KICKR with iPad Pro and Apple TV. Did new calibration with spin down yesterday but it didn’t change anything.