Issues with February Update

Not sure what is going on but the Feb. 23 update for Mac but when I try to update, it disconnects my router from the internet. Tried to re-install the app and same issue occurred. Anyone else having this issue?

What do you mean by “it disconnects my router from the internet”? What exactly happens?

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It disconnects any connection to the internet through the router. Every computer drops its connection and then Zwift reports that the update failed as there is no internet connection. Once Zwift shuts down, then all connections reset and becomes normal again.

How odd. Have you tried rebooting the router?

It’s a router issue.

The download obviously causes a lot of traffic, and the router prioritizes that traffic over anything else - and then goes to overwhelm itself…

Time to consider a new router? :thinking:

(another option, though I doubt it, is that your ISP engages in heavy traffic control… )