Issues with ERG using new Elite Direto x trainer

Hi, I very recently purchased an Elite Direto x trainer. I have been training on my WattBike Atom. However needed to start training on my TT bike for long Sessions.
I export programmes from Training Peaks into Zwift. I’ve had no issues with the ERG using the Watt Bike.
I tried out the new turbo today and it was awful, if I need to high or low spin the watts doesn’t go to the target wattage as it would on the wattbike. I’ve tried a few things but with no luck. I only use my iPad. Is it worth trying Ant+ on a laptop instead?

The Direto X is Zwift Certified for ANT+ FE-C. If you have a laptop with an ANT+ dongle, it’s worth pairing to the ANT+ FE-C signal instead of the Bluetooth signal.