Issues with Elite zumo

Chris - just out of curiosity could you tell me approximately what watts you produce on the flat in the big ring (50/11)? Highest I can get is 140odd.
Elite are trying to get me to compare power with a power meter and I don’t have access.
Thinking of giving Halfords a call when they open and seeing if they can send it to distributor for assessment.
Going to try a sub 2 ride this morning and see if I can keep up but it’s really disheartening.

Ithink it is really bad that elite ask you to run tests on their units, especially if they are asking you to remove the casing an things - they should let halfords know of the issue and allow people to return and replace them.

I’m not too sure - i didnt really sprint or anything but wasn’t spinning out (50x11 11 speed cassette and about 3rd or 4th smallest cog and i could do 260-270ish watts) uphills and downhills seemed to react well too

Thanks Chris. Agree - their customer service is a bit off. I just took it back and cut my losses. Halfords near me is open.
Going to order a tacx I think but it will take a while.

I think if i didnt have a seperate power meter i’d have done the same.

where are you based? Ihave an old tacx flow you could borrow until your new trainer arrives if you are nearby?

Thanks Chris. Appreciate the offer.
I’m in Glasgow though so don’t worry.
Ordered a tacx flux s and lead time said about 5-8 weeks. Hopefully that’s right but I may be kidding myself. All the shops I called said they only had access to the most expensive ones and not until late June.
Weather has been good enough to get outside anyway, just feel a bit guilty using my one allocated outdoor exercise on me and neglecting my gf.

i’m down in the Midlands so would have been a bit of a drive!

hope you get up and running (or maybe cycling!) on zwift ASAP

Hi all

So I have just bought the elite zumo this week and it was working fine for the first ride. I tried erg mode for the first time today and there was no resistance. so I turned erg mode off and restarted my laptop and re calibrated it and there is still no resistance without it on now. but it felt like when I went down hill it was on but when I went up there was nothing. I’m not sure what to do.

Hi Jack

check your “controllable” option in the screen for linking the devices to Zwift. Look what itis connected to, think my one is detailed Zumo 6xxxx.


if you are connecting via ant+ make sure the controllable trainer is the FE-C version not the elite realtrainer one that may also appear

I have got it working now but thanks for the quick response and help Chris and kev.

what was the issue out of curiosity?

It was connecting from the zwift companion app on my phone and not my Bluetooth dongle for my laptop. And I put my trainer difficulty up to 100% but not sure how much that actually affects the resistance.

Hi Steve, what email did you speak to them on? I have they same problem but they link on their website doesn’t work.