Issues on MacBook Air since upgrade to Mac OS Sierra & Zwift update

(Sandy Braun WBR-D) #1

I’m on a Kickr on zwift (been a member for close to a year) and last week I downloaded the latest releases of Zwift (two since the end of Sep) and upgraded to MacOS Sierra, that’s when the troubles started:

  1. Message appearing mid-ride telling me that performance has been reduced because Zwift causing MacBool to run hot (I’m paraphrasing).  No power saving features are turned on while it’s plugged in (I always have it plugged in when running Zwift).  Not sure what is causing that as I never saw it before last week.  The message does not re-appear after I close the dialog box.
  2. RPMs tend to be slower than what I’m actually spinning.  I did a spin down on my Kickr but no real change.  It’s slowest on uphills (30-40 RPM and falling to the teens on the uphill in the train station??);  

Please help.  Thank you.