Issue with windows now freezing after update

Since the update my windows computer now freezes when joining a ride not had this before is there any issues

If you’ve got video screenshots enabled try turning it off.

It’s having an odd effect on certain setups.

Can offer further diagnosis after you’ve tried that as it’s more than likely the issue.

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Thanks it seems to work now

My pleasure.

it seems like video screenshots should default to off with a message to turn on if you want given the issues it seems to cause and people might not even know it exists!


It’s certainly causing the odd issue but i wonder how many proportionally compared to those who don’t have any issue. Unfortunately this forum isn’t the place to get that answer as people tend to post with issues as opposed to those that don’t.

but to enable a feature that may cause an issue without any notification in game or anything seems like an odd choice to me.

it definitely seems to affect frame rates for a lot of people and in some (i’d guess quite a small number) seems to completely crash the game.

default it to off and have a pop up somewhere to allow people to enable it would be my preferred choice.
everything is fine, you turn something on and everything isn’t fine is quite easy to diagnose what is wrong.

everything is fine, a feature you may not be aware of is turned on and everything is not fine is harder for people to diagnose.

Having problems again completely freezing not responding to anything i have to kill the game this has happened the last week or so 1hr or 4 minutes any ideas on what now is the problem i am hardwired to the router fully updated Windows laptop a year old