Issue with uploading Achterbahn


I would like to ask you the following…yesterday I made the Achterbahn route, even made few more kilometers to 1000m of elevation. When I finished with 50km and 1001m I pressed save and exit…but no workout was uploaded, even in zwift it is 32kms only. I can’t even open the workout in zwift…it is loading and loading…
I got the banner You completed the route ,but now ,in the badges there is no badge for this route…
Can I make something?

Thank you in advance!

Sounds like you’ve had some sort of network drop.

If you run the log file through Zwiftalizer which may show this.

As for the badge etc… I’m afraid you’ll have to do the route again. Look on the bright side of.

  1. It’s a cracking route.
  2. It wasn’t the PRL full or Uber Pretzel
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