Issue with speeding up. Ticket created

I’m having issues speeding up in a race. During the trial period, I was finishing top 5 in “B” races, and now I’m last in “C” and “D” races. I have a manual trainer.

I opened a ticket by sending an email to and I have received the automated email from zwift. Now I wait.

Can you please give us a bit more detail. There a no difference between the paid and Trail software. 


Can you share a link to the two strava activities. It can be that it was just a easy “B” race. Also the trail only have 25Km so you must have done a short race.



Two things I’m noticing. First off, it looks like you’re logged into Zwift twice - once from an iPhone and also from a Windows 7 PC. While it’s fine to use multiple devices, logging into both of them at the same time can cause problems, including issues gaining speed as Zwift could be accounting for the lack of power output from your second connected device. Please make sure you’re only logged into Zwift from one device at a time.

Since you’re using Zpower on a classic trainer, it could also be that your speed sensor isn’t mounted accurately or isn’t sensing the magnet pass on each spin of the wheel. You may also be experiencing tire slippage if you’re losing speed. Please check both your speed sensor and your tire contact.

I already emailed Jon G. on 5/30 with the log files, and other info. I really dont understand why you only reply to the initial email, and never to the follow-ups. Todays 6/1 and I havent heard from zwift.

I really want to continue paying for the service, but there has to be a reason why I’m having issues with the zwift app AND why zwift doesn’t answer follow-up questions.