Issue with Big Spin Stage 2

So due to household obligations, I mostly sustain my spin addiction with the help of late joins. This worked perfectly through Stage 1. However, Stage 2 is having multiple problems.

First off, there’s been many, MANY instances of being stuck in the starting pens. Sometimes you’ll leave and get to ride. Other times, you’ll sit there for upward of 10 minutes and just meander off and give up for that hour.

Today, I was tossed out of the pens to what I believed was the start of the route. 10.7 miles? Not what I had in mind, but I started riding.

Then the stage put me on an entirely different route. Instead of the London Flat, I was going up Box Hill. But the counter was still counting down 10.7 miles, so I soldiered on.

At 10.7 miles, the counter halted at 0. I was in no-man’s land, the finish arch nowhere in site. I went on for a little while longer.

Arch spotted! But I’m on a different route, and since it’s an event I can’t flippin’ steer to reach it in order to get my spin and end this weird brand of misery.

So I just round out the mile I’m on (12 of 10.7) and call it quits. No spin, plenty of time wasted when I could have been doing other things around the house, and now badly behind schedule.

What gives? If this is Zwift Staffs’ thought of a joke or a ‘get back’ at those of us who try to use late joins to facilitate doing important things in real life while still participating in the event (let’s simply say there are not enough hours in the day to get everything riding legitimate full routes every time and get things done if you have a busy family/house/work/life schedule as well, seeing as how with over 37 spin rides there’s still items I don’t have), it is in very poor taste. Hopefully it’s a glitch that won’t repeat itself.

There are longstanding problems with late join. I just don’t trust it to work ever, though it sometimes does. The failure rate is quite high and this is not a new issue. Getting left in the pens or routed off course mid-ride are both frequent failures.


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