Issue joining Tour of Watopia Stage 5

(Fabian) #1


I just encountered an issue which has happened previously during this Tour of Watopia.

I signed up for the make-up session of Tempus Fugit (today, 7am CST, Group A) and tried joining 2min prior to start. Unfortunately, the joining process had a bit of a hick up as the world wouldn’t change after trying to join but all the riders previously happily riding in London would disappear. The list of riders on the right side of the screen would show something corresponding to the tour stage including my rank in the tour, but I was still in London :frowning:

I exited the ride and tried again, with the same issue. I then signed out and back in to the event and tried to join the event again, with the same issue. I tried this again after the event had already started which gave me the picture attached. That stayed there for a couple minutes until I was mad enough to give up.

This is especially sad as it is the last stage I’m missing and I’ll be traveling now, so this was literally my last chance of finishing the tour.

Can anyone help understand what could have gone wrong?



(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #2

Sometimes when leaving things to the last minute where so many people are joining the race, this can happen.

It is like lots of people trying to exit a building in a rush, you get a bottle neck and it goes super slow.

2min is cutting it very close for “this was literally my last chance of finishing the tour”

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(Fabian) #3

Or the evacuation plan is not properly dimensioned!

Either way, considering I’ve been doing many events before and usually 30s is ample time to join and there’s literally nothing mentioning this possible issue (even when it happens), it’s hard to figure out on your own.

Frustrating to see that it’s apparently something on the Zwift development side and there seems to be no heads-up or adjustment as it clearly happens to multiple people on various occasions for a paid service :frowning:

And blaming me for cutting it close is not helpful either. Again, I’ve been doing this many times without issues. How would I know 2min is “cutting it close”!?


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(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #4

I did not blame you, I just suggested some good practice not to wait till the last minute. Espesialy with big events like these.

The zwift in game count down will suggest going to the pen with around 5 min to go, I assume that is a good suggestion to go to the pen. I assume they do that so that we don’t get a bottle neck.

(Tom Nisbet TBR) #5

I had the same problem on the 7pm AEST event again stage 6. I joined via the events in mobile companion probably 45mins before, logged in probably 25mins early and nothing ever appeared to take me to the event (on mobile app or in the game itself). When it got to 15 mins to go I logged out and in again, restarted everything and then tried again. Did the same thing with 10 and 5 mins to go and no join event ever came up.

Interestingly I could join the next event (in the events list) without issue but it gave me a crazy view and had me up in the sky warming up, took till around 8.30pm for everything to nomalise, I logged out and in again and then joined the next event again and then it worked. I think there were platform issues with that ride and generally last night. I have never had an issue before joining anything with over 5000km on zwift. Certainly weird figured it was a bug somewhere and I am going to try again tonight same ride same stage.


(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #6

Hi @Tom_Nisbet_TBR_96kg,

I have seen this behaviour before, I found that if you don’t see the “Join event” button with 15min to go, you can go to the companion app and “un join” the event and then re join then the "join event should pop up immediately.

One more thing to do before you start your ride is to scroll down on the start screen and see if it show that you are enrolled in the event.

(2 Slow (D)) #7

On ZP the ToW events have the ability to join the event late, yet this morning I tried joining Event 1 and this afternoon I tried joining Event 2 and although registered for the events Zwift never joined me or gave me the option to ride in the event. I know I could try to be on time but why say you can join late when since this mornings update you cannot.

(2 Slow (D)) #8

Just to confirm, after signing on the for the ToW stage 4 5pm ride I intentionally tried to join the ride late by about 10 minutes and it will not let you so I believe their is an error with late joining events, only seems to have happened since the latest mini-update

(Jamie) #9

Same thing happening to me multiple times this morning…keep trying to join with 10minutes to spare but dumps me in New York whilst telling me I’ve joined!

(Jamie) #10

Interesting only happens for stage 5!..obviously don’t want me in that desert!

(Jamie) #11

Correction, dumped me out of stages 1 and 4 also!!