ISP Drops

My last ride was impacted by the widespread Comcast outage.  My ISP dropped for about one minute while riding.  I started peddling again once I was back online and road for another half out before I was hit with an hours long outage which obviously ended my ride.

I couldn’t save the ride to Strava, so I manually added the ride to Strava later.  I noticed that the ride stopped recording in Zwift during the initial one minute outage, so I lost the last half hour of the ride.

Is there a way to check or restart recording in a scenario like this?  Thanks


Did you notice riders around you disappearing or blinking in and out when you started your ride after the initial outage? That would be the first indication that you weren’t connected. Zwift still takes into account information gathered from your sensors/trainers so you would still see your wattage. If you do disconnect temporarily then reconnect, it may be best to end your ride just in case! If you have persistent connection issues that hinder your Zwift rides, feel free to send us a support ticket. :slight_smile:

I definitely saw other riders after the initial brief outage.  All sensors were working normally and I recall riders speeding by on the way down and the blue dots on the course were moving normally.  I passed a rider just prior to my ISP going out for good.  At that time a rider ahead of me vanished and all of the blue dots disappeared as well.

I guess my question is whether or not there is a way to check to see if Zwift is still recording the ride after a brief ISP outage?



So as long as the Riders Nearby list isn’t empty your ride should still be recording, If not, as in when you lost connection for that one minute and during that minute your Riders Nearby list showed no riders, it is safe to say that your ride has stopped recording. You can check your .fit file through a third party site such as Strava to see your ride. So its always safer to end ride and then start a new one was a connection hiccup happens. If you experience future connection issues check out our FAQ as well! 

Yes, that definitely seems to be what happened.  I cannot say for sure whether or not the riders were there during the first short interruption, but according to the .fit file that I manually uploaded to Strava afterwards, it certainly stopped recording at that point.  I enjoyed riding the next seven segments, just didn’t get credit for them in Strava… not a big deal to be honest.