Is Zwift compatible with Chromebook?

(Bryan Fugate) #1

Anyone aware?  Looking for a cheap computer to be able to utilize Zwift!

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Bryan,

It is not. Zwift requires Windows 7 or OSX 10.7 or higher.

You can find more of our minimum requirements here:


(Joe G) #3

Eric for Zwift to make more money they have to drop some of the eye candy and support less powerful GPU’s.  Chromebooks, iPads, Android tablets, Playstation or other game consoles.


(Kai Glaesner (Team ROFL)) #4

I would absolutely love to see them supporting Android or iOS tablets.

I used earlier (32bit) versions of Zwift on my $199 Windows 8.1 tablet using the TACX tablet mount and I found it being a blast.

Especially since I have a Bushido Smart and can only pair it while pedalling… :wink:

(Douglas Seoulhawk) #5

I am in the process of trying to get my Windows computer setup so I can best take advantage of Zwift… Please for the love of god make it compatible with Chrome. What should have been a simple evening project has turned into a two week long struggle to get Windows to work. I have been paying them since 1990… I don’t want to spend another dime on Microsoft. PLEASE!!!

(Joe G) #6

Windows is for desktops and is old fashioned… LOL  

I hope Zwift does not want to get stuck in the old fashioned group.  Like in the early PC days the mainframe dudes who kept saying the big iron can do everything we need so there is no need to look at emerging platforms…  Wimpy PC with no floating point processor, no security, no networking.

So much for the Mainframe dudes… 

(Douglas Seoulhawk) #7

I concur… Bicycling can get very expensive. My bikes cost too much and just so I could start using Zwift, and get the most out of it, I purchased a Kickr. I enjoy my bikes and I like the kickr. I feel like I am getting my money out of them, but I hate spending money on my PC because 98+% of the time I am using either my Chromebook or Android phone. A dream would be if it could just use a phone app and have the ride streamed to my Chromecast. Now that would rock. That would lower the cost of getting into Zwift a ton. 

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #8

Honestly, I can’t think of many massively multiplayer on-line games that can run on Chromebook. Sorry guys, but the computer specs are just not there and neither is the OS capable of handling/running something like Zwift.

(Douglas Seoulhawk) #9

Zwift is not a first person shooter, and it will never be that. Mini computing is exploding. The thought that a little $150 box can playback 4k video is mind boggling. I started working with computers in middle school in the 1970s. I purchased my first Microsoft product in 1990… I really don’t remember the year I believe it was Windows 2.0 with monochrome GUI. The thought then that someday I would ride my bike with guys from around the work in a virtual environment never ever crossed my mind. Now it is not the processor that is in question anymore it the graphics processor. My phone probably has more processing power than my Windows computer. However I am sure that my PC has a better graphic card capability. 

Bottom line is if you work in the IT industry thinking that you must do something one way… Then you are in the wrong place. Open your mind and open the world.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #10

I don’t think I’m disagreeing with you, Douglas.

Chromebooks do NOT have the power, graphics or processor-wise, to run Zwift. Mobile devices are currently not quite there either. Will they be? Sure, and we’re all excited to see what 2016 brings to the mobile and tablet world.

But right now? Not the case.

If you think we want to shut out potential fans just to be elitist then you’re mistaken.

EDIT: right now, the Alienware Alpha we recommend as a good machine to run Zwift costs less than your average smartphone.

(Douglas Seoulhawk) #11


That is my point exactly. If you are designing a program you cannot be looking at here and now you must be looking at what is next. HTML 5 is amazing at what it can do. Then it frees you from living in one platform. If you are the designer than you know more than me. Myself I am a 50+ year old audio video engineer. I argue with my coworkers all the time because they want to live in the past. 10 years ago you would spent 15-25k buying a VTC system to integrate into a conference room now you can get better performance with a app on your phone. The customer does not need to spend money on a dedicated equipment.

I am sure that Zwift does not want to shut people out. I know that this is a niche market. Starting any new business is really hard work, and I wish the people at Zwift the best of luck. It really looks like it can be a great product to help people get up, get out, and stay healthy. Many years ago I did some voice overs for a arcade game. I saw first hand the programmers and the hours they put in… People really have no idea how much work it is. 

(Joe G) #12

Marketing and Sales would say sell it on any platform and as many as possible.  That means we need to get on platforms users actually use.  Not live in the past when you had to have a $3k gaming/CAD rig to run a 3D game…

Why is it Apple demos the iPad and iPhone with 3D video games?  They show a LOT of complexity and fluid screen action at VERY high pixel rates!  We need to lower the bar so more users can run what they brung so they can Ride On!

The ONLY way that will happen is to use standards like WebGL and HTML5…

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #13

I disagree that gaming on computers is “old fashioned” as all the technology that trickles down to mobile platforms and consoles originates there to begin with. On the contrary, it’s cutting edge.

That being said, a $450 computer that runs Zwift better than *any* mobile device currently available ever could does not equal a $3000 gaming rig. A 3 year-old business laptop which can now be purchased for less than a mobile phone isn’t an unattainable goal. The actual requirements to run Zwift are very modest. 

Having it look awesome and totally rad? That might cost a bit more.

Zwift will look at mobile platforms once we feel their hardware is ready for us. It’s not quite as simple as “File > Export > iOS” :wink:

(Joe G) #14

Apple has sold a BILLION iPhones and there are over a BILLION active android devices today.

Big numbers.

Big money.

PS4 and XBoxOne can play console games for years, some have had as long as 5 year refresh cycles.  In the PC world 3 years is the norm, stretching it is 5 years and avid gamers turn video cards every 12 months, maybe 24 because they have to have the latest graphics for the latest game. ;) 

The PC gamer crowd is a shrinking crowd, that is what I am saying.  Maybe Zwift is one of a handful of games that want this hardware turned all the way up.  The other 3D game designers are focused on sheer numbers IOS/Android…

(Kelly Jackson WBR) #15

Any word if Zwift is going to launch something compatible with Android. I don’t ever want to purchase a Windows computer again and right now Zwift is the only app stopping me from moving away from Windows to a Chromebook altogether.  

I enjoy Zwift, but there are already enough expensive hurdles necessary to run Zwift in an entertaining way.  Having a Windows machine shouldn’t be one of them.  I’m sure someone somewhere is working on a mobile version and whoever gets their first will have a huge advantage.  just my .02 cents. 

(J Kkkkkkkkkkkkk) #16

I sure wish I could run through a browser like Chrome.

 I got Zwift running on my old iPhone 5s. It’s works great, but it’s impossibly small and I can’t read much of the text, users and messages.  It seems my only option would be to get a vga plug but that is like $50. Apple TV is useless (at least my old one). I now have a nice Android phone but can’t get it to connect to my trainer, and of course there is no zwift. 

But seeing as it works on my old iPhone I can’t imagine it wouldn’t work on Chrome or Android. I have no idea about the graphics or computer processing, but I would think that would be done in the cloud and all you’d be doing is viewing the video of the action, instead of having your computer recreate it all?     I guess if that were how it works though the lag would be astronomical. 

I also have a 6-year old Windows laptop and doubt it’ll work? But I really don’t want it too. Even doing graphics and websites professionally I completely switched to chrome and really haven’t needed a PC since. I’d hate to go back that direction. 

(Paul Dubuc) #17

This discussion started over 2 years ago.  Has anything changed? I just bought a new ASUS Chromebook Flip C213SA-YS02-S that I would love to use with Zwift, but Chromebooks are still not supported and Zwift crashes on my MacBook Pro running OS X 10.9.  I’ll have to find something else for now. Maybe later?

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #18

Ya, I don’t see this ever happening. chromebooks don’t have the graphics power or CPU power let alone an OS that could run it.

(Paul Dubuc) #19

My ASUS has Intel Dual-Core N3350, 4GB DDR4 RAM, 32GB Flash Storage.  If someone above can get Zwift to run on an old iPhone 5s, I find it hard to believe that it couldn’t run on today’s Chromebooks.  Maybe Zwift is too expensive.  I will check out alternatives.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #20

But it doesn’t have the graphics card that could handle it, the the other specs are quite low.