Is this bike good enough for the basics?

Hi all,

I’ve been ‘pretending’ on Zwift’s watch mode for a few weeks now using my exercise bike (tragic, I know). After a failed attempt at using a Wahoo speed sensor on it, I’m going to bite the bullet and get the proper kit. As far as I’m aware, to get my avatar moving, I need at the very basic level, a bike and a dumb trainer. I know nothing about bikes. I haven’t ridden one in about 15 years. Halfords seems to be one of the few places still delivering, so I’ve seen this one. The thing is, I’m not sure if it’ll work with any sort of trainer. I’ve read other people on this forum warn against getting ‘cheap’ bikes - but what’s cheap? £450 is about the most I’d want to pay for a bike just for Zwift. As it’s payday on Tuesday and I’ve saved a bit of money avoiding the pubs, I may jump straight in and get a smart trainer. If you could let me know if the below would be compatible with even the basic smart trainers, it’d be much appreciated!

p.s. just to doule check, would I need a cadence or speed sensor? or would the above setup do?

Looking at the specs briefly it’s an aluminum alloy frame with quick release wheels. That will be fine on any wheel on trainer. If you don’t get a smart trainer you would need a speed sensor at minimum but I’d recommend getting a cadence sensor as well.

8 speed cassette should work on the major direct drive trainers as well (if you ever upgrade).


Thank you for the reply. There’s also this one that I’m looking at on Amazon - which would arrive slightly faster.

That bike would not be compatible with any direct drive trainers (future upgrade) that I’m aware of since it’s only a 7 speed.

Out of the 2 I’d choose the 8 speed. Most bikes these days from the major manufacturers are starting to be 10-speed (Cassette) and above.

Another thing to think about is the ability to find parts for repairs/replacements. As mentioned above most manufacturers have moved to 10, 11, and 12 speed cassettes so finding 7, 8, and 9 speed cassettes is harder as they aren’t make as many of them. They still exist there just won’t be as many choices. Just some more info to consider. And this is based on the US market, not sure what the UK market is like regarding gears.

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If your’e thinking about a smart trainer, I recently bought an Elite Novo Smart (wheel on) trainer for £180 in Halfords less 10% British Cycling discount so £162! Also bought an Ant+ dongle and can connect the trainer and my Garmin watch HR all to a pc via Ant+ with limited drop out and so far it’s a great experience. Can’t recommend the trainer enough for the money. Stick an entry level road bike in the mix and you’ll be away for a five hundred pounds or so all in. Good luck with what you chose.