Is there support planned for the Kettler Racer S?

(C. Muff) #1


Is there support planned for the Kettler Racer S?

Thanks for answering

(Solo Leeg) #2


I would also be very interested in an answer.


(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #3

The Kettler website dont give a lot of information. Hoe does the Racer S communicate with a PC? ANT+ or Blue tooth?

(Jose Torvi) #4


I would like also any solution about it.

my kettler racer S communicate with a pc by blue tooth

(Zedd Lepp) #5

Why isn’t there a possibility just with USB interface? I can use my Kettler ErogRacer (not a Racer S) on VirtualTraining with USB and it works like a charm?

Imho it doesn’t take that much of work to adjust the software as a plug and play version? Would give you a lot of extra users though…

(Ulf Bjurö) #6

Kettler ergometer ergorace, same interest, connection through USB port.

(Fabian Byland) #7

For almost two years I have the Racer S and wait for a solution of ZWIFT to drive with my friends. Please answer!

(Kai Glaesner (Team ROFL)) #8

Since the Racer S supports Bluetooth, have you tried to connect it via the Zwift phone app?

(Uwe Boehm @ Daum 8i (C)) #9

If you own an android device, this is an option:

(Marco Houweling) #10

Why does the racer S not connect over Bluetooth to the zwift ios app? 


(Luc Simons) #11

I also train on a Racer S and would really love to have it connected to Zwift instead of using the very poor alternatives… I don’t have Android devices. I really hope that the Zwift-team is working on a solution so that the Kettler users can join the fun! Thanks.

(Tuxen Fitness) #12

 Racer S on zwift please

(Ben Schwesig) #13

Would be really great if you could enable the connection via bluetooth… there is a big kettler community in germany…

(Koen Kusse) #14

Have the same problem: how to connect racer S With zwift.over smartphone with bluetooth then ant + to connect with pc?? Koen qc

(Keith Rumpy Bailey) #15

ive ended up putting garmin pedals on my kettler any idea when zwift will talk to the trainner?? thanks

(Koen Kusse) #16

Hi ,

I train on the Kettler Racer S 2017 and it works well with Zwift.

You contact uwe boehm in Germany at

he develloped an app :the Kettler connects over bluetooth with your smartphone (where his app is installed-) and the smartphone connects over ant+ with your laptop (where Zwift is installed).
It works and it works well, although the setup is somewhat complicated but Uwe guides you through all the troubles.