Is there such a thing as a timed race?

That is, a race where the furthest distance traveled for the event or category’s time limit? A la 1-hour record concept? All entrants on TT bikes.

I tried that once and found a major flaw: everyone’s distance varies even if they compete the exact same course, so we can’t rely on that for results!

PS - you could, I suppose, record or watch the event and take a screenshot when the timer ends, making a manual note of who was where - relying not on distance covered but relative position at the end of the race

Yeah, sounds a bit unwieldy. Thought either races of this type would be interesting, or even have an ongoing challenge type for eg. 1hr record for distance travelled across all of the Zwiftverse (though prob too easy to cheat the system).

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The zwift race duathlon uses time as their limiter for both the bike & run.

Total distance is then used to get the winner.

That’s cool! How do you verify distance travelled and placements? ZP doesn’t have a distance column for each participant, does it?

WTRL run it, so presume they get as part their data feed…