Is there disconnect/error recovery?

I’m working hard towards archiving all badges (x25 to Aple) at the moment.
I was about to hit ‘21’ turn in ‘Alpe du zwift’ and got dll error and had to restart the zwift on Win Laptop.
Is there a way to recover and start from where I got to or the last turn?

Other note… I’ll never use Win Laptop again even if is newer, faster and better graphic card. The resistance is weird. Climbing is really easy, descending is so. hard. (both windows or full screen mode)
But MACBook, no problem at all, even if 2012 Macbook Pro.

Nope. And, WOW, that’s a bummer of a place for DLL error…

And you’ve got the weird Win10 Resistance bug. There’s a thread about it here.

Sounds like you got unlucky. With almost 1800 hours on Zwift I only had 2 crashes on Windows Pc. One due to Nvidia drivers and a power outage in a storm.

So it’s just unlucky… and FIRM No…!
It’s 80 minutes of effects I won’t get a reward… :sob: