Is there a way to get my FTP without running the program?

Hi all,

Just wondering if there is a way to get your FTP number without havin to launch Zwift ? I know where to find it in the program once it’s launched, but I sometimes what to check it without having to launch Zwift, as it’s quite slow to get to the user screen…

It would be really handy if it was clearly indicated on the page, next to the level for example!

I would like to know as well.

Ideally Zwift would give access in the companion app. That would work best!

It would, and the number appears to already be available to the page:


Seems like it’d be a quick job to expose it.


I would sign up for FTP plus lots of other useful stuff.

AFAIK, ZP cannot read the FTP value from Zwift, even with your consent: you have to input in manually on your ZP profile.

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