Is there a way to force sensor pairing? (ie: force BLE signal over ANT+)

More recently I’ve switched to bluetooth for my trainer (kickrbike) and have had good results after using ANT+ for so long which started to give massive dropouts (as in, zero, until late summer where it started happening weekly).

However, when I was using ANT+ for everything, it would all pair nicely and I’d be fed straight into the main menu.

Since switching to Bluetooth on the kickr (still using ANT+ on HRM, so yanking the antenna isn’t an option), it will relay power, controllable, and steering onto the Kickrbike’s BLE signal; however, it will always use cadence via ANT+.

Every time I start Zwift I have to force it to use the BLE signal for cadence.
Then, and only then, will Zwift forward itself to the main menu; but even with everything connected; it will sit on the pairing screen.

Is there no way to force it to use only the BLE signal? I enter the menu and it appears, so it is visible.

I’ve tried removing the ANT+ signals from the Kickrbike in the knowndevices.xml but it of course resets that file every time I start Zwift.
the Prefs.xml shows the bluetooth signal as the last device, but that doesn’t seem to force it to try and use it before plopping the ANT+ signal in.

Nothing inside Zwift’s install folder seems to correspond to this stuff that I can edit personally anyway.

I realize this might seem like a pretty minor gripe and “why not just use the ANT+ cadence,” but if the sensor is there, and it sees it… why does it keep assigning ANT+. (Also, there seems to be some weirdness that occurs when I leave it on ANT+ cadence, that’s why I’m asking if this is possible.)

I have a similar question:

Why isn’t it possible to configure BLE/ANT Connections in companion app, having switches for each connected device?

2 zwifters in one paincave, devices not sticky to individual setup

1st Zwifter
ATV, Sterzo, HRM, KickrV5
BLE connect via companion App

2nd Zwifter
W11, Climb, HRM, KickrV5, Play, Trek Cadence, Headwind
BLE connect to W11 except Cadence, when 1st Zwifter is zwifting. Then cadence is only connecting via ANT to W11, because with BLE it is always connecting to BLE bridge on CA from 1st zwifter.