Is there a way to change the power reading to 3 seconds?

(Michael Go) #1

(Jason K) #2

Oops! Looks like you didn’t finish posting there! I think you forgot the body of the post.

You should finish that thought so we can answer. :wink:

(E inundsiebzig) #3

I think what he means is the function a garmin edge device gives. A data field witch doesn’t show the current power, instead an average power of the last 3 / 10 / or X Seconds… What you get then is a more stable value, not jumping up and down then current power readings…

(Michael Go) #4

Thanks  E inundsiebzig.  Thats what I meant.

(Jason K) #5

Thanks for the details! This is something we’ve got on our user requests list - and after we launch, we’ll definitely be revisiting and re-prioritizing what we can (and will) do. :slight_smile: