Is there a deadline to use a ZRL RacePass? Unable to join an event 2 hours in the future

In the past I’ve been able to use a RacePass at any time before a race begins. In some cases I’ve clicked the link maybe 5 minutes before the countdown hit zero.

Today, while trying to register for an event in AMWest (still 2 hours away), I’m greeted with this error:

Is anyone else seeing this? Is there a new threshold we should be aware of when using our RacePass?

Did you get a pass from last week’s race or from a race earlier today?

The pass is for today’s race. I’m a manager of a few teams (one I race, one I DS), and just copied the link from the “My Teams” section of WTRL’s website. Neither team’s link is working for me.

Well, not sure what happened but the exactly RacePass I was using previously (I double-checked the URL) is now working. Confused, but I have enough to race tonight!