Is the Richmond 2015 kit unlock working?

“starting Sunday 20th September, if you ride at least 1 lap a day for 5 of the following 8 days, you will earn yourself the Richmond 2015 commemorative kit!”

I’ve done a lap every day (2 on Sunday). On completing my lap this morning, I expected it to unlock the Richmond 2015 kit, but that didn’t happen.

Is it working, or will the kit only unlock at the end of the 8 day period or something?



I’m having the exact same problem. I’ve ridden at least a lap every day since Sunday. I’ve also been having the [known] bug that I don’t see my ride activity on the calendar. Is this connected? Will we unlock the kit?



If you’ve been riding and your rides have been showing up on the calendar, we’ll be reviewing those tonight and sending out goodies after that. 

If your rides aren’t tracking, you’ll need to wait until the activity calendar bug is fixed next week. 

Ride on!

Thanks, Jason.

Thanks Jason.

I got the jersey when I started riding this morning. Huzzah!



Got mine tonight :slight_smile: