Is that all there is?

(Gene Rynkewicz) #1

On the trial period. Road once. Drained 70% of my macbook pro battery in an hour. Virtual power fluctuated over 60watts at the same cadence and on a flat section. In fact the virtual power was all over the place no matter where in the course I was. The computer sits in the same spot it is when I use trainerroad. No issues with TR. 


Virtual power only supports the road setting on my supermag pro. I run out of gear when standing in that setting. 


Didn’t see much point in repeating the ride after two laps. Its like playing the same level of a video game over and over forever. 

Maybe if the power readings were at least consistent it might have made a difference. As is, it’s an exercise in frustration. I won’t be going for a third lap. 

(Dave Turpin *USMES*) #2

Plug in your computer and tighten your trainer. Tire slippage probably accounts for the drop in power. 

And the point is to make training indoors less boring. It’s not Halo 5. 

(Gene Rynkewicz) #3

There is no tire slip. It works perfectly fine with TrainerRoad. 

Having to plug in my “portable” computer pretty much defeats the purpose of having a portable computer.  And for where I have my bike/trainer setup it would be a hassle I don’t want to deal with. 

It’s just not for me. If it were free I would probably give it another shot someday when there is more than just one or two courses. 

(Brian Bossler) #4

OK. bye.

(Tena Heffernan_Z57+) #5

Make sure the settings tell it to NOT use any power saving when not on battery.  I don’t have your setup, but I can tell you I don’t have any of the problems you describe and love Zwift.  The issue you describe is not “normal.”  I would suggest opening a ticket with tech support if the battery saver feature in your Zwift settings isn’t the problem.  This program really is awesome and you will be missing out on something pretty great if you just walk away.

(Michael Henasey) #6

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Not everyone finds Zwift useful as a training tool. I’ve introduced Zwift to many of my friends. Many of them are hooked but a few weren’t impressed enough to buy in and subscribe. Zwift has many elements that appeal to many but not to everyone. Some people enjoy just using their iPad or laptop for either watching videos or staring at a chart. Others just listen to music or watch TV/movies. To each their own I say.

That being said, coming onto this forum where there are many people who absolutely love Zwift, what were you expecting to accomplish, @Gene, by simply complaining about Zwift? That’s fine you don’t find it appealing but if you took the time to maybe offer some suggestions for the things you don’t like that would be much more constructive than simply bashing a product that some people have found to be life changing.

(Gene Rynkewicz) #7

Wasn’t “bashing” the program. Just mentioning some issues I had and that it was quite limited in its appeal for me.