Is it possible to lock drone view?

I’m loving the “0” and “+ or -” drone view.  Get up high and enjoy the landscape.  I like to be just off to the side a bit of my avatar and I can see what’s coming up the road and riders coming from behind.  Is there a way to lock that view?  As of now if the road turns or comes back the other way I’m having to constantly adjust the view.  Sometimes I find myself in trees, buildings, or in the mountain on the Watopia climbs.  Is there a keyboard trick to lock the view?

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I would also like to know if there’s a trick to doing this.

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I think it is ‘0’ key, +, - , and arrow keys.

Yes Cary. The “0” and +, -, with arrow keys let you move the drone camera angles.  The question is, is there a trick to fixing the camera so that when you make a turn it doesn’t all of a sudden show a profile (side view) of your avatar?

Justin and I, perhaps others, would like to have the camera stay where we set it (eg, up above, behind, and zoomed out & slightly to the side).


Hi everyone,

There is no way to fix the drone view at this time.