Is it possible to install ZWIFT COG on elite suito t

I was wondering if it’s possible to install ZWIFT COG on my elite suito t smart trainer. I have my mountain bike hook up on the trainer and I am tired of the shifters and derailleur maintenance. So I was looking for upgrade to a sram gx eagle axs setup but I heard about the zwift cog and the virtual shifting. It would be a perfect upgrade to my zwift setup


I thought the cog was only for the zwift hub

You may be able to get the Cog installed on your freehub, but currently virtual shifting in Zwift only works with Zwift Hub trainers.

Another option for virtual shifting would be to use the QZ app ( which would allow you to shift virtual gears using your phone.

The AXS upgrade would probably be more costly than getting a used road bike to keep on your trainer.