Is it possible to connect a Garmin Fenix 3 HR to Zwift?

The Fenix 3 HR uses bluetooth and wifi to connect and I am struggling to get Swift to read the heart rate output…any tips?  Thanks!

Fenix 3 HR outputs HR via ANT+ only.

You can set on watch by broadcast HR.

Works fine for me.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  It turns out my old Garmin ant+ stick is USB 1, so I am guessing that’s my issue now.  I’ll have to locate a USB 2 stick.  Thanks again.

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Hey Todd - if you’re still searching, we’ve got ANT+ Starter Packs in the Zwift Shop ready to ship. See you out there!

Not woring for me

What are the exact steps to follow to pair the fenix 3 HR to Zwift?

Button-by-button would be appreciated, as I have the Zwift ANT+ antenna connected to my laptop.

Follow these steps on your Fenix:

Settings / Sensors / Wrist Heart Rate / Broadcast HR / Now

Then in Zwift, on the Paired Devices screen, you should see “HR Strap 35504” (or something like this) in the Heart Rate box.

Hi Rick, doesn’t worked with Fenix 3 HR only my Tacx Vortex. Please advise. Thanks

Thanks Rich,

Spot on. I just got a Fenix 5 HR, and it is exactly analog to the F3 HR.
Reader beware: there is an option in the Broadcast HR menu as well to select “Broadcast during activity” which needs to be enabled.

Possibly the same for the F3 HR.

Cheers! This is also the fix for e.g. TrainingPeaks issues where HR data was almost impossible to combine with Zwiftf data.


Hi everyone, still not working fenix 3Hr broadcast to Zwift. Thanks

I have the fenix 5 and can’t pair to zwift. I have enabled Broadcast HR During Activity and the Broadcast HR, but it still doesn’t pick it up.

What needs to be done??

Hi Eun Lee, 

As a first test: Have you tried under Settings / Sensors& Acc / Wrist HR / Broadcast HR, and then launch Zwift and have it search for your HR monitor. Does it pick up?

If so, then your setting under Broadcast HR During Activity should also work - make sure you start a (biking) activity on your Garmin, so that you transmit HR data to Zwift.

Cheers, Titanicman

Doesn’t worked for me. My Fenix 3HR is unable to pair with Zwift even in broadcast mode. Only my Tacx Vortex is connecting with Zwift. Please advise. Thanks

It’s pretty much impossible.  I have a Fenix 5 with firmware 6.0.  Garmin has the worst firmware and software of almost any “technology” company.  They surely do not care about compatibility with non-Garmin devices.  They want to receive, but they will never send. It’s unfortunate because none of the other sports device manufacturers can hold a candle to Garmin on software.  There is a cultural bias against software:  it is not REAL like hardware;  it is secondary;  it is not a way that Garmin can ever make money.  So, stepchild within the company.

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I have to use an Alpha Mio and connect hr via blue tooth.  Always perfect even though the device has only a single function.