Is it just me? Companion app map *always* shows riders in the wrong place

I run the game off an ipad. I run the app off an iphone. When I’m in a race, and I’m staring at the cluster of riders in front of me on the main screen, and can then look down at the app, which incorrectly shows them as all being behind me!

Same goes for when I’m in a group of 3 or 4. I look down at the app, and see that some rider has caught up with us, and is tagging along. A search of the main screen (from all camera angles) confirms that there is no-one behind us. The dot on the companion app (behind us) is actually one of the riders (who I can see in front of me).

It’s routinely frustrating. Does anyone else get this problem?

Yep, I’ve noticed the order of people is slightly out of whack sometimes between the main screen on Apple TV and ZCA on my iPhone.

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