Is high Cadence possible with a dumb trainer

Using a dumb trainer with coospo speed and cadence sensor. Hitting power output ok but really struggling with cadence. Tried a training session today where they wanted a cadence of 85 to 90 at a certain wattage and I can’t get past 71 max. I ever have too much power or bounce about all over the place. Where am I going wrong?

Using an old Tacx Satori set at 3.

Hi @Lee_Griffiths1, welcome to the forums!

What gears do you have on the bike you are using, how many on the rear cassette? You should be able to change gears to get pretty close to the higher cadence and also hit the power target. Sometimes close is as good as you can get on a classic trainer, it won’t be perfect.

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10 on the rear. 11 - 32.

I use a Kinetic Road Machine Type 1 and I have been able to reach 90 rpm. I am using a std crank w/ 11 or 12-28 gearing.


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