Ironman Simulation

Hello! New to ZWIFT. I have my first Ironman in Aug 2020, and would love to train on the bike course that I will be cycling (Penticton, BC, Canada). Can I program a route, or is there Ironman bike course routes found somewhere online? Not knowing my power output, can I ride a course that mimics the incline % and distances? Who would I write to see if Ironman bike routes can be programmed into the system?
Sorry if these questions are “silly”, I am just not sure how to use Zwift to maximize my prep for IM.



No you can’t ride custom routes. Zwift has many different routes, pick something similar. I would suggest doing some workouts.

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Technically you can as I have done it for the superfrog 70.3 route. I uploaded the route file to the custom workout folder and ride it when needs be. The problem you will find is that you’ll find the resistance increase when replicating a hill in the workout (the route) however you’ll still be on flat on zwift - if that makes sense, more about getting your head around it.

However for the life of me I can’t remember how I did it (you may have to Google it) but it can be done.

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I think you are referring to this site.

No, however thank you for that didn’t know that one existed, shall use that as well, after searching it was (limited admittedly on their free account which I have to a certain number of courses but as I say I was after superfrog and it seemed to work OK)

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I would suggest I think you can try at least one course with the free account, but I have a paid account and I say its worth it. Both for training, and race day planning. There is a deal if you have TrainingPeaks

Basically it will allow you to enter the course and your FTP and it will take into account everything from grade/wind/road surface, etc and output a power plan to get you through the course as fast as possible within you target power. Typical target power would be 65 - 75% of FTP. You can output this power plan as a workout to Zwift so you can simulate the race and see if you can hold your target power.

I did exactly this for the huge hill on the Ironman 70.3 Nice course last year - basically did a workout on erg mode that was my target power to see how it felt. It allowed me in the actual race to know exactly what my power target should and the confidence that I could hold it for the whole time. If you’re accurate with all the parameters you’re entering and execute the plan during the race it’s scary accurate on your finish time too. On a couple races now it’s predicted my finish time within 2 minutes.

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We’ve setup Triathlon & Duathlon racing on Zwift. Duathlon a while ago, now just started with a new format called Z Games ZWOW for Triathlon also.
The new format doesn’t require you to have a treadmill at home, only a bike trainer to do the Duathlon.

More info:

The main thing here is the credits and points. I don’t exactly know how they’re different yet. You earn points based on distance, and those then convert to “credits,” which you can cash in for rewards.