Ironman Courses

(Soft Pedals [FEAR]) #1

What is the likelihood of adding Ironman 70.3 and full Ironman courses in Zwift? It would be nice for destination races.

(Zee Kryder) #2

Try the Andean mission this month of 112 mile ride.


(Paul Allen) #3


i beleive he is asking for a Ironman course like the Queen K highway, not just an Ironman distance ride which can be done using any route.

(Soft Pedals [FEAR]) #4

That’s right Paul. I am looking for a route like the one you mentioned or the route for the Chattanooga or Louisville Ironman courses.

(Brad Mitchell (Kiwi Ink)) #5

One of my athletes actually asked me today, if it was possible to ride a IM Wisconsin simulation, on zwift.

(Soft Pedals [FEAR]) #6

Brad - I believe the more we ask about this functionally, the greater the likelihood the developers would be willing to add them. Hopefully soon! :wink:

(Michael Levenson) #7

If being able to import files from like BestbikeSplit which are power based then it is possible.  Maybe not visually but at least from a power standpoint.  I do this but use a different app than Zwift to train for courses.

(Dennis van Putten) #8

Michael wich app do you use for ironmans?

(Michael Levenson) #9

Dennis, I use to create the courses.  I just saw that they now have an option to export to a zwift workout file so that you can ride the course power based in Zwift.  Prior I would use PerfPro Studio to ride the courses.

(Soft Pedals [FEAR]) #10

It looks like this is gaining in popularity. Found a post from slowtwitch which talks about it.;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_expandable;page=last

(Jorge "IronMGySgt" Aspiazu) #11



(Rex Morgan #QT2) #12

I would love to see Ironman 140.6 courses added.  This would attract a lot of triathletes to the Zwift platform.

(Todd Hughes) #13

I’m with these guys…we need some Ironman courses…That’s honestly why I’m looking

(Soft Pedals [FEAR]) #14

Zwift, we need Ironman courses!!