Iphone 7 App keeps crashing

The Zwift App keeps crashing on my Iphone 7. It seems to be from the last three weeks or so. Before this it was working fine. I do not have any other apps open during riding.

Same issue here, both on iPhone 8 and iPad, iOS 14.3.
I tried to uninstall and reinstall, Zwift app is still crashing while paring with my Tacx Neo.

Same here iPhone 7 and iOS 14.3. I am unable to finish a workout as it keeps on crashing. After 3 times having to do same warmup it’s no fun anymore. Curious to hear what can be solution to this?

I’m an iOS developer not affiliated with Zwift. I went ahead and took a look on how much strain goes on my iPhone 7 when using Zwift. Turns out my phone’s CPU is under 200% load at almost all times. So Zwift has two options, either they optimize for old generation phones or they focus on functionality and future devices that can handle the load. My guess is they aren’t going to optimize it and our solution unfortunately will be to get a newer phone. As we know as more robust apps keep coming out more and more compute power is going to be necessary. Sorry about that everyone, I guess I’ll be thinking about getting a new phone.