iPad version does not sync between companion

Issue: When I exercise on the zwift app, finish and save the ride, it does not sync to strava. On the zwift companion app it says that I am connected to strava. On the zwift app, it does not acknowledge that strava is connected when asking if you would like to upload your ride. Additionally, the zwift companion does not sync any of my activities. What am I missing?

Companion App Version: 3.31.1 (1191)
Zwift Version: 1.20.1 (100278)
iPad (8th generation) Software Version: 14.4.2

Have you connected Strava here? The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

(Appreciate you mention that ZCA says you are but wanted to check)

Can you try disconnecting and reconnecting and see if it works on your next ride?

Let me go downstairs now and simulate a one min ride

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I think there’s a certain distance you need to complete to upload to Strava. It might be 3k but I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

Okay, Ill ride tomorrow and drop back in. On the SAVE YOUR RIDE screen, under the YOUR RIDE WILL BE UPLOADED TO section only Zwift is lit up as active still.

Not trying to correct you James, more a case of saving Andrew some effort :wink:

2km is the minimum but always go a tad further.