iPad - TV - Ant+ Key Connector Cable

Hi everyone.

I run Zwift off my iPad which has an ANT+ key in order to pick up the feeds from my Garmin Vector 2 power pedals. My turbo is an ‘old-school’ dumb trainer.

I want to add a standard TV with a HDMI port to my set up but am not sure what type of connector cable I need for the ipad that will enable me to connect the HDMI cable as well as the ant+ key to the ipad.

Most of the connectors I have seen don’t seem to be wide enough as once the ant+ key is installed you cannot connect the HDMI cable due to the width of the ant+ key.

Can anyone tell me if such a connector exists and, if so, where I can get one from in the UK

Thanks everyone

You won’t be able to do this , have a look at the 4iiii viiiiva heart rate monitor with bridge facilities

iPad: you’ll need to go Bluetooth. If your sensors/devices do not support Bluetooth, then you’ll need to bridge ANT+ to Bluetooth. Here you have a couple of choices:

Viiiiva HRM - I use this one and it works well.
NPE Cable - No experience with it, but from what I have read and heard is great too.

I went with Viiiiva since it was more readily available.

As for the tv, you can directly connect your iPad via a lightning to HDMI cable.