iPad sign up, defaults to male

I signed up yesterday using the iPad Zwift app, which gives no option to select gender, and simply defaults to male (I am female). Also, not even the website gives me the power to correct this, I have to contact support, which I have done, but no fix as yet. Very disappointed in the Zwift iPad sign up journey.

I believe you can change it on the Zwift website, but even simpler is to use the Zwift Companion app on your phone:

More > Settings > Profile > Male | Female


No, I tried that. It says: please contact support.

Hmm… That is odd. Perhaps Zwift changed it so that once set, you have to contact them to change it. Why? Because some people were changing their gender and/or birthdate to enter into events. For example, men racing in women’s only events by changing their gender to female.

If you haven’t already opened a support ticket, I suggest doing so.


edit: s-e-x is a censored word. Wow! PC police are out of control.